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At New World Order, Inc. we provide many solutions for your business. Below is a list of the most common solutions we can provide you.

Internet Registration
Leave all your Internet Development to us. We provide Network Solutions with your Domain Name and Application. Your Domain Name will be registered and ready in about two - three days.  From finding you a Web Hosting Company to determining IP Addresses we provide you with all your needs and ideas.

Web Site Development and Programming
Need a website? New World Order, Inc. provides your company with a internet presence custom built for you. All your needs will be though of.  From Searches To Navigation, we build you a web site that is functional yet modern.

Database Development
New World Order, Inc. provides our clients with Database Programming and Administration for your internet or intranet. By using technologies and ideas we can develop a database that is functional and easy to use.

Graphic Design
We design graphics and logos for your company and website. We provide crisp and   professional graphics for your company and website.

LAN Development
Need a LAN for your company? We build and design a LAN made for your company. We upgrade current LAN's and develop new LAN's utilizing Routers and ISDN Modems.

Custom Built Severs And Workstations
Need new equipment or an upgrade? We can build PIII Severs and Workstations custom to your needs for very reasonable prices. We use either Red Hat Linux or Windows NT to build your Servers and Windows NT or Linux for your workstations. We access your needs and build what you want and need.

E-Commerce Development
By designing your company the right e-commerce solutions and intergrating them within your organization New World Order, Inc. can give your company an edge on other companies. We determine you current needs and your future one by providing you a site that enables you to grow.

We provide solutions for your company and supply the manpower to get it done. You always need new talent and New World Order, Inc. strives to find your company the right people for your situation.

To speak further about what we can provide your company please visit our clients page.
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